Saturday, September 26, 2015

Who are successful people - 4

I am sharing a series of graphics showing who are successful people and what makes them so. My previous and third post centered on successful people who continue to learn more rather than sticking on to their already gained knowledge which may not conform to the requirements of the day and changing business or environment patterns.

How is your attitude towards your colleagues and subordinates when they do something good for the organization or to you? This is what we are going to dwell at today.

Thus my fourth post today centres on people who give compliments to their colleagues and subordinates when they render any assistance or proffer a new idea which may be helpful in solving a problem. This is what the successful people do as against those unsuccessful people who are always bickering and criticising others for no valid reason. 

Even complimenting a stranger opens up a conversation and makes new friends. It even sparks creativity in people being complimented. But remember compliment people - but do not flatter as it may leave a person overjoyed beyond a point which may make one proud and over confident. 

So always be forthcoming in complimenting others, for its leaves a refreshing impression on others, which may in turn help them work more being refreshed by a pat of filip on their shoulder - rather than being demoralised by undue criticism.


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