Monday, March 9, 2015

Do you interpret a candidate's CV Correctly?

As an employer, manager or being part of the interviewing panel, managers are more often than not have to spend considerable time in reading the CVs of the appearing candidates to 'know' them before they appear for the interview.

But do you know that generally employers / managers / interviewers draw the wrong conclusions in key personality areas from a CV?

If you are surprised by this finding, you are certainly one of theose who do draw wrong conclusions in key personality areas from a CV of a candidate and thus are unable to correctly interview the person and may not benefit from his/her correct personality traits, says a recent study.

A study group, which recruited 122 managers/potential interviwers to study 37 CVs, has found that recruiters made flawed judgements about a candidate's personality based on what they read in their application. On five key personality areas, HR staff drew the wrong conclusions with a huge potential impact on a candidate's chances of getting an interview.

In each of 37 cases the 122 recruiters were asked to look at 77 aspects of the document covering what psychologists called the 'big five' personality traits. These were openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

And surprisingly, the findings showed that the recruiters were bad judges of character. In particular they tended to rate people higher than they were really in extroversion - a quality which meant they were more likely to be hired - and lower in conscientiousness than the reality.

Watch the video below on how to correctly evaluate a CV:

Read more about it at: Daily Mail (Photo: Pixabay)
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