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Motivation is one subject that plays a vital role in the rise and fall of the managers. If they are able to convince their subordinates about the company policies, requirement and get the favourable response to realize the company’s objectives, they are rated as charismatic managers. But if the stumble and do not have that aura that allows them to take the workers and the entire team or the work force, not only the company suffers but the long term interest of workers and everyone working in the organization also has to face the consequences which my result in cuts in jobs or salaries.

Long time ago, when I was young and an enterprising youth and was introduced to the topic of motivation for the first time, a quotation was flashed on the screen which I still remember and which in fact is the essence of motivation. The quote read:

“Leaders do not push or pull. THEY DON’T EVEN MOTIVATE. They simply create an environment in which subordinates motivate themselves.” 

A simple thing to say, but very difficult to put to practice as majority of the managers or the leaders cannot create such an environment since it demands resoluteness and sense of purpose from them and that too of a very higher degree.

There are many theories on motivation, that I will cover in my subsequent posts, but as a starter, one must understand that inculcating a driving force into the co-workers or the team members is what motivation is all about. An ill equipped team can perform wonders if adequately motivated and led by a self motivated leader and on the contrary a well trained and well staffed team can crumble if the signals from the top are weak with no force to drive them forward. Motivation in fact is “something” within a human being or animal that arouses and directs goal-oriented behaviour.

We will continue to talk of motivation in our future posts.


Interesting illustration. You think carrot is the best motivating factor?

I will cover that part in my later posts on motivation (btw - perhaps the widely used)

There is no magic to leadership, great leaders are people specially gifted at influencing people. - Motivation! '' The YES Movie ''
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