Friday, September 18, 2015

Who are successful people - 2

A few days back I shared a graphic representation of people who are successful. Success has many facets and shared just one in my previous post. 

Success specially for managers and entrepreneurs is a must without which they cannot exist or face their contemporaries. Unless they know the secrets behind success, they just cannot survive the rigours of the marketplace and are sure to doom.

With this analogy in mind, I shared the first graphic representation of successful people: They want others to succeed and help them doing so, rather than pulling their leg from down below for them to fall to create a vacuum for them to fill in.

Today, I am sharing the second trait of successful people:

This is something that relates to their character traits: They take the responsibility when something goes wrong, rather than blaming others and trying to get away. Those who take the blame, rise above others, both in the eyes of their employers and their subordinates. While the second kind is caught one day and are dishonoured.

I hope you would like to be in the first category and let your character tell who you are!!

My first post on the series: Who are successful people - 1
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