Saturday, January 30, 2010

Organizational Skills - A place for everything and everything in its place

Right from our childhood, we start to listen to the word “get organized”, “how messy your room is – you don’t have semblance of being an organized soul” and many such reprimands and advices. Then when we grow up, after living a messy life ourselves, we start to see around us everything in a mess and we long for people to organize the mess. In fact no one likes mess around him, but it is the lethargy that prevents him from getting organized. Those who do, live a much cleaner, happy and balanced life. 

And why we need to be organized? Why should there be a balance in our life? One can clearly see the need when comparing people who are organized and those who are not. Organized people have a set pattern, scheduled events and time for their families – living a balanced life. That is to day they have “organized” their family and business life in such a harmony and synchrony that they feel happy and contended. Being organized means prioritization of everything based on effective time management. In simple words, "a place for everything and everything is in its place." When everything around you is in its place, you will have less time in finding the right thing at the right time. This would make you smarter, efficient and productive. 

Our next post will deliberate on tips how to get organized.


Thanks for sharing such a great information on the skills which are essential to achieve the goals. The blog would be more useful to gather more information to improve their skills. There are various E-learning courses which I have undergone to improve my skills.

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