Saturday, April 23, 2016

Body Language: What messages does it convey

Managers are the people who interact with people, clients, colleagues and subordinates more than the ordinary people. And when confronted with seasoned managers, their body language conveys a lot about them and what actually they mean at a given point in a discussion.

Body language is in fact is a major indicator of what actually a person is thinking or what actually he means when talking to a client or a compatriot. And it would be naive on the part of one person to think that the other is a fool.

In fact on the other end of the table or discussion are people who are seasoned managers too and some of them may know exactly what body language of the person in discussion is conveying to them: Whether he is bluffing or conveying positive indicators in his approach.

Just watch the small video below I came across on Facebook and see what your body language may actually convey to others:

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