Monday, January 4, 2010

Time Management – Take Half the Time in Getting Things Done

Many a managers complain lack of time when undertaking an assignment and usually overshoot the time-lines or the deadline given to them. This not only demoralizes them in their future undertakings, makes them nervous and dejected but also has adverse effects on the company’s overall performance and goal achievement. But there are some “smart” guys, who not only finish their assignments well before the time, but also find extra time for friends and families. So what to do?

Well, answers are not very simple, but if one concentrates single mindedly on the “most important” task first, he is likely to reduce the time by about half or in some cases even more. Normally the complaining managers don’t take a jump start; rather their activities are erratic and interrupted. So the start-stop-start methodology not only increase the time it takes to do a thing, but also results in loss of concentration and drifting away from the goalposts set for them. This is exactly like a production-line process. In a textile industry for example, if the production line is interrupted due to some mechanical or electrical failure, the material fed into the system goes waste, and the entire process has to start afresh, resulting into loss of raw material, time and money.

One has to learn how not to drag one’s feet when it comes to work. One has to start one’s work with eagerness, enthusiasm and interest, and remain focused. In other words, it is a 100 Meters race – one, who picks with a lightening speed, finishes up a winning race. Ever looked at the joy of the runner finishing first? You could be the same if you start and finish like a winner. One has to keep the momentum and never let out oneself out of steam too early.

They key to success is twofold: Setting of the right priorities and concentration and remaining focused throughout the race. No other task or commitment should come your way when you take a start as these would act as detractors and time spoilers. One should have the courage to say “NO” to people or things that are of lesser value at a particular time since these can be taken care of later. But if one takes the time out and attends to the less important, he is out of the race he was already running and would finish last.

So begin your day with top priority tasks fully focused first right in the morning so that you finish in time and have time to plan for the next day and attend to the lesser important in the remaining time. Don’t leave anything for tomorrow as it would hamper your schedule for the next day.


Wisely said. Problem comes when unplanned eventualities hit. You plan your day perfect but then you are lead, by forces beyond control, to do other things. No?

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