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Human Resource Management


Business is all about the market, profit and the people. And it is the hard task of a manager to ensure high profit from the market by getting people under him to work efficiently to reach the goalpost set by him or his management. It is people on both side of the fence – workers/team mates on one side and buyers on the other side. A manager has thus have to fight both on and off the fence. While he can only understand the buyers, he has a hard task managing and leading the people under him for the realization of his goals. Thus the need for effective management of human resources or simply the HRM.

Before we proceed further, it may be clarified here that HRM and HRD (Human Resource Development) are two different things, often confused by many. While the HRM is a major management activity, HRD is a profession and deals with the development of available human resources to suit to perform specific functions in an organization. We will talk of HRD separately in later posts. 

Coming back to HRM, the function includes a long list of actions and activities, some of which include deciding the staffing needs, and how to make the staff available (whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs). And once the HR is available, it planning and allocating of resources for the task in hand. This would then demand providing direction, vision, and goals and developing an environment in which employees choose motivation and contribution. 

Once the HR is put to work, challenge the workers to keep the momentum by removing obstacles that impede the employee's progress. And while all this is being done, the manager himself has to set examples in work ethics, treatment of people, and empowerment worthy of being emulated by others.

While the manager is managing the HR for his and the organization’s benefit by increasing production and profits, the HRM also demands of him to keep interests of the HR he is utilizing and directing, in mind. He should see to the employees are equally benefited out of the profit and compensated in case of low profits due to market trends.

Along with the HRM function, a manager has also to ensure proper HRD so that workers are offered opportunities for both formal and informal development by coaching successful contribution and performance development. So while HRM is a function of the manager, HRD by him ensures availability of highly trained workers to aid him in allocation to suit to different specialist tasks.

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You are correct pointing out the differences between Human resource management and human resource development.Human resource management is comprised of a range of different aspects of work. One of the key areas to deal with is the staffing needs of the company.

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