Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Who are successful people - 6

This is the 6th post of the series of posts about who successful people really are. To many successful people are who are rich and famous, celebrities and people of fun and parties. Yes to an extent they are right. But most of these people become celebrities by a stroke of luck or an opportunity robbed from the window of opportunity opened just about the time they were there.

But real success does not come easy. The climb up the ladder of success is laborious and requires resilience, determination and IDEAS.

Yes ideas - it is the ideas that have driven men from obscurity to the zenith of success. Just have a peep back into the history and would find that whatever we are today or the comforts we are consuming are just due to ideas of some people who thought and made sure their ideas worked for the benefit of others.

We have two kind of people in any organization, business or even our daily routine life: People who talk about people and remain jealous of them, and people who discuss ideas. Discussing people is easy - something women very good at. But discussing ideas is attributable to really successful people.

Bill Gates is a drop out from his studies - but his idea made him the boss of one of the biggest organizations of the world: Microsoft. Likewise Steve Jobs turned Apple into a fortune minting organization and now a a big chunk of world's tech-gadgets and smartphones belong to Apple.

So always concentrate your energies on thinking and discussing ideas - not whiling away your precious time discussing people that does not yield anything but heartburning.

Think it over!!


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