Saturday, October 10, 2015

Who are successful people - 5

I have been talking of qualities, character traits and leadership skills of the people we call successful - be in business as managers or entrepreneurs or in our ordinary lives - even to keep the matrimonial relationship intact. 

And we analyze the qualities discussed in four of earlier posts, we will find that these qualities are not hard to acquire or exhibit. It only needs just the right kind of mindset to become successful or unsuccessful, if one choses to be so by neglecting these simple yet very practical tips.

However, the tip of the day is a little bit difficult - something that we often find hard to exhibit and adopt: Forgiveness.

Forgiving someone who has harmed us and has robbed from us the opportunity when it was our day to shine is perhaps the most difficult character quality of leaders, managers and even ordinary people when dealing with their nagging relatives and so called friends.

The most oft argument against forgiveness is that it makes one weaker and let the actual defaulter or culprit walk away with head high. But that is what we think. One has to forgive not innocently but firmly - so that the real culprit knows that you are doing it as a good man and NOT as a weak and meek one to succumb to others' position or authority or fear.

Think it over and try forgiving someone who has harmed you and you would more often than not find the defaulter thanking you for being so kind for forgiving. The weak and eek can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the great and strong.

Remember all Prophets of God always forgave - why cannot we?

Photo: The tree of forgiveness


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