Sunday, September 20, 2015

Who are successful people - 3

I have so far shared two reasons that make people successful or otherwise. This is my third post as to who successful people really are. 

These series of posts are specially for the benefit of the managers and people associated with business as a small let up here and there can cost the business very dearly - and also to one's future career.

One has to be mindful of one's behaviour when one is dealing with people or when being watched by his colleagues and subordinates. Those watching him want to see something new in his approach or strategy rather than sticking on to the traditional mindset rotting due to inertia and stagnation. 

As can be seen in the graphic below, those who continuously try to learn new strategies and new business techniques carry the day.

Here comes the opposing side: They contend that whatever they know has been time tested and has been used by many a successful manager in the past. True to an extent as there is no alternative to experience. But that does not mean that one should not try out new things for advancement in technology has changed many business strategies altogether - even leaving some redundant.

Successful people believe that learning never ends. This doesn’t mean they’re going to school to get new degrees, although they may. Even without formal education, they’re constantly reading and learning from others around them, perhaps from books, trade magazines or conferences, or from others who are ahead of where they want to be. 
What have you learned recently that can get you closer to the success you want? If you haven’t picked up a book, trade magazine or listened to CDs or MP3s that can get you smarter in your field, it’s time to start. (Source)

What do you say?

My first post on the series: 
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