Monday, July 18, 2011

Why some managers win, and some don’t

We often find some brilliant managers in business; shining, progressive, beaming, confident and full of life and energy. The CEO and the board of directors praise them whenever there is a board meeting or an occasion to celebrate. And then there are some, who are always blamed for anything that goes wrong; or they do things advertently or inadvertently that make them a show-down case and a loser in the long run.

The difference between a successful and failed manager is in their perspective. While the successful have a positive attitude towards life and the business, the failed one use all their energies focused on negativity to let down the successful one. If somehow they transform their negative perception to positive one, they can be a winner too. But they don’t, and continue to lose for all or some of the following reasons:
  1. Negativism: As I just said, the losers focus on negativism all the time. The loser chose it as a matter of choice, which changes their perception from a broad winning one to a narrow and painful negative one that not only hurts them physically, as thinking in negative terms takes a heavy toll of your nervous system, but also professionally in losing.
  2. Jealously: Yes, the monster inside most of us. Every new car a neighbour buys, or the appreciation letter or pat from the chief executive to that sparkling and striking manager makes many around him jealous of him. The jealous people just forget that they in fact are harming themselves as it will sap your energies and rather than working hard to overtake, you burn your energies in grudging and cursing.
  3. Perfectionism: There are many who need 100% output of their effort and when they don’t, they lose heart and become self-drawn. Man is not a machine to produce 100% all the time. The successful managers settle for 80/20 ratio. And that is the key to success.
  4. Irresponsibility: People who blame others and fail to accept responsibility when things go wrong, are caught one day and are then labelled as hoodwinkers. It is better to accept responsibility when things start to go wrong, rather than blaming others that may result in a bigger loss. Assuming responsibility makes one stands tall and strong, rather than sheepish and feeling guilt by hiding one’s failures.
  5. Argumentation: Ever seen some arguing and reasoning with clients and colleagues on petty matters? Argumentation never makes people win, reasoning with logic does. Argue only when required but remember that argumentation should not become a war of words to the point of losing tempers. Because when one is in anger, he gives away all of his weaknesses to his opponent, who if is an intelligent one, can make these as basis of building counter actions. So one must disengage amicably when odds are against, rather than making enemies and people walk away from you.
  6. Low self-esteem: The losers normally have low self-esteem since losing always makes a person pull down all the down. In such a scenario, one cannot take stock of one’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses and loses continuously. Therefore concentrate on all aspects of life and job positively, this would raise the self-esteem for a winning game ahead.
  7. Sense of meaningless: Continuous setbacks make one think as one was worthless or meaningless. This is a loser’s mind-set and those who get out of this mind-set as early as possible on detecting the very first symptoms of lownessnes, the better. Everyone has his worth and something to contribute to. Add that little, no matter how insignificance, to the job. Rest assured it will be noticed and observed by those who matter. This will make you of some worth rather than a worthless.

Don’t cry I’m a loser as once sang the Beatles. Be happy, therefore, and live your life with an open mind, positivity and as part of team, rather than being self-drawn, hiding, and stealing confidence. Smile as often as you can to win over the hearts rather than grudging and making people run away from you. If you do so, you will find that hidden charisma inside you that makes wonders for other – it will make for you too. Try it !! 


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