Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Horror-scope today

Yesterday was a rough day as the power outages would not let my computer work - Due to long spells of load shedding, the entire office looked gloomy, morose and helpless. While the workers had a excuse not to work as the computer network was down, they wanted electricity back too as they were devoid of their air conditioned environment. Even an important meeting meeting had to be called off since the presentation was to me made on the VPS through computer.

Dejected and appalled by the suffocation inside the office, I made the newspaper as a hand-held-fan and started blowing some wind to cool myself. It was then that the day's horoscope caught my eye. I am never a believer of the horoscopes, but what the day's horoscope read, was in fact my horror-scope. But I smiled after reading it, as for the first time it was true to each word of it. 

See down below what it read:


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