Monday, July 18, 2011

Google Plus – a new platform to promote business

The impact of social media on business has been tremendous. The use of many platforms already available on the internet has been greatly taken advantage of by shrewd and clever businessmen who find these platforms an easy, attractive and popular forum to promote their products and business.  Many thought that Facebook was the ultimate, till Google Plus came forward.

Google has already dominated the internet world for its user friendly approach and accessibility. With eh introduction of Google Plus, yet another forceful, dynamic and platform has now been made available to Google users in particular and others in general.

As Marshall Kirkpatrick  writes, “The fundamental value proposition is around privacy: it's the opposite of Facebook and Twitter's universal broadcast paradigm. Google Plus is based on the Google Circles feature, which lets you share and view content to and from explicitly identified groups of your contacts, and no one else. It's really easy to use and a great feature - but even if you're communicating out in public, the rest of the service is very well designed, too. This is a smart, attractive, very strong social offering from Google. Below are some notes after a few hours of use.

Although for the time being, Google is testing its new social media platform with a small group of users, it is already attracting earlier users of many older platforms through its rather smart and thoughtful solutions that mar the performance of other social media platforms. Since I joined the Google Plus club, I find it appropriate for people or groups who have similar interests and it allows integration of other Google services at one platform.

The businessmen can find this platform a novel way of promoting their business to group of people who have similar interest and likings This feature of the Google Plus should usher in a new era for the promotion of business than any other earlier social media platforms. Another feature of Google Plus that would be buyable by the businessmen is its privacy feature. Unlike other platforms where one gets bombarded with followers, here no one gets added automatically. One has a choice to add people, just like Twitter. And one can make circles or groups of people of similar likes and interests to target one’s activities, rather than throwing everything in one basket to be seen by interested and non-interested alike.

Two other features of Google Plus will be of much interest to the businessmen; the group video chat via webcam, called Hangout, and the ability to chat with a group, called Huddle. These two functions have immediately been adopted y Facebook to be competitive.

Although there are certain snags in Google Plus, like the search facility and to send messages. But then it is still in the testing phase and I am sure these will get added in as people send back feedback.

So stay tuned and get acquainted with Google Plus, as it is all set to dominate the existing social media platforms in time to come and will prove to be the strongest and dynamic of all.


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