Monday, January 7, 2013

Turning Towards Guerilla Tactics

Guerrilla tactics have been applied to marketing for as long as marketing has existed, and they've been applied to warfare for as long as war has existed. People, brands, and armies have resorted to using them for a variety of reasons: they’re outgunned, outnumbered, out-budgeted, etc. These tactics give the ability to work around the biggest obstacles and to level the playing field.

All around the world you’ll find brand’s in similar conditions. Not in the state of revolution and war, but struggling to find a way to work around a significant disadvantage.

There is no shortage of competition in any market and as a result new brands and smaller brands find themselves hitting a wall when it comes to establishing their share of the market. As a result we’ve been forced to look at thing a little differently. Below are some of the guerilla tactics modern brands are using to win today:

  • Hyper Specialization
  • Community Building
  • Storytelling
Haven’t you been “listening”? We need customers who have influence, online and off to survive. Word of mouth marketing has always been the most effective way to grow a brand and that will never change. What has changed, is that our customers now have a more measurable influence in the digital space.

The time to strike is now! While big brands with big budgets continue to push their resources through traditional media with traditional tactics we can move in and carve out chunks of their market share before they even know what hit them.

Read more about the three brands of Guerrilla Tactics at: Marketing Apocalypse


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