Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top 10 Marketing Blog Posts of 2012

Well the year 2012 is finally over, despite Mayans scaring us of their end of the world theory. We now enter a new year, and hope it to be peaceful without worries of end  of calendar or the final 'The End.'

But we must peep back and see what all good things happened in 2012 beside the Mayan scare, and we find some very well written blogs as for marketing is concerned. I came across a list of Top 20 best marketing blogs, of which I am sharing the top 10 for the information of marketeers and businessmen who may find these handy in working out their marketing strategies and business dealings.

Here we go:
1. Like it, Pin it, Sell it. Why Pinterest Matters for Your Business
2. 5 Lessons from the Chick-fil-a PR Kerfuffle
3. 9 Mistakes We Make with Our Email Marketing
4. 12 Steps to Becoming a Natural at SEO pt. 1
5. DIY: 5 Tools for Creating Killer Infographics


6. The Customer is Not Always Right

7. It’s Not You, It’s Outlook – The Complete Guide for Email Marketers
8. 5 Must Knows for SEO
9. Calling All NonResponders – Don’t Give up on Them Yet!
10. Subject Line Length – Is Longer Better?

You may reads details of other 11-20 blogs at Vertical Response. I have deliberately not included the rest of the 10 so that efforts of  is a Marketing Associate at Vertical Response may be complemented for taking pains to tabulate these 20 blogs from a voluminous list of unlimited blog post from the net.

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