Thursday, January 5, 2012

9 Ways to Destroy Employee Morale

The morale of the employees plays an important roe in the growth and profitable profile of an organization. While discussing many leadership styles in one of my earlier posts, I discussed four styles that can make or break an organization. The improvised leadership style ranks lowest among the four as neither the organization is making profitable gains nor are employees happy. The country club leadership style pays too much emphasis on employees morale, but pays no heed to the concerns of the organization.

This it can be assumed that a leader has to balance out all aspects that concerns the growth of an organization, while at the same time looking after the employees' welfare and interests.

But there are still many who are a class of their own of blowing up of things an injuring the morale of the subordinates and employees. Watch the slide show here to know what are those 9 Ways that can blow up or destroy the employees morale. Do exactly otherwise would ensure a coherent and happy work force.


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