Friday, January 1, 2010

Management Matters MATTER!!

This is my first post into my new blog on Management Matters. As the name of the blog reads “Management Matters”, it has twofold meanings. One: the matters itself related to management. Second: the importance of management matters since these really Matter. No matter the size of the organization, the managers running the organization matter a lot since they have the reins of the organization in their hands. And quite naturally, the people entrusted with this difficult task need to be properly and adequately trained – both before employment and during the employment since they have to keep pace with the changing market trends, for which they need to guided, trained and monitored by the people who employ them for accruing most optimum output from them. 

This is how an organization can remain competitive and vibrant in the market. And this is the aim of starting this new blog of mine to put forward ideas from famous trainers to guide the people entrusted with managerial assignments. Since there exists a large database on the subject, I will try to be very selective while picking topics and words so as not to waste time in saying what I would want to say.

And believe me Management Matters Matter!!!


It matters a great deal and we need this so very much. You have me as a reader. Welcome JalalHB.

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