Friday, January 1, 2010

Clearing the Desk Top

Many people think that a overstuffed desk with heaps of files, reference books with dusty covers gives an onlooker an impression as if the one sitting on the seat is really very busy, efficient and doing other’s job as well. Well most will be sadly mistaken with this strategy in mind to impress their colleagues and the seniors.

In fact a dusty desk with notes pasted all over (of things to do type or telephone numbers, IMPORTANT!!, URGENT!! Tags and like) is an indicative of lethargy, confusion and mismanagement. A cluttered desk shows cluttering of mind – not knowing what to do and how. A confused person therefore collects lot of material, relevant or irrelevant, to find a solution or an easy way out. But that is seldom possible and rather adds to his misery as no genie would emerge if a book I s dusted off to do a miracle.

On the contrary, an orderly desk, with files stacked on one side, reference books (if at all needed as an office isn’t a University where solutions are found from the books) are neatly stacked (with no dust). In fact, neat arrangements take less time to access a document or information as compared to heaps and piles of nonsense stuff.

Although those with littered desks would defend their litter saying that that suited their way of working, but it goes without saying that a neat desk ensures less waste of time in sifting material and also reflects the clarity of the mind of the particular person. I aids in working smoothly and efficiently. It also leaves the person more relaxed, less jittery and at ease all the time as the heaps at times start to dismantle one’s thought process.

Sometime back, I received an e-mail which had listed Ten Indicators of a successful employee. And many of those related to litter and clutter of the desk, the face and the dress. It even said that when walking, one must have a bundle of file in one’s hands and bumping into any senior manager as if lost in a thought process. These are good to impress a few, but generally, these aren’t taken in any positive sense. A well attired person with a neat desk tends to be more efficient (if not pretending to) and is liked for cleanliness (both physical and mental).

It’s a new year’s eve and it would be a good idea to start the new year tomorrow with a clean desktop. Happy New Year


Goya yeh to mere dil mein tha. I did precisely this today.

That means you are a wise man

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