Thursday, March 3, 2011

Online Businesses Fail Without Search Engine Optimisation

By: Jameson Georgeton

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With millions of websites on the internet, promoting products and services increasing the visibility of your business without using some kind of techniques will be virtually impossible. Unless someone has your specific web address how would they know about what your product is? When trying to get visibility on the net the only way in which you can increase this visibility is too, use search engine optimisation techniques.

SEO is the process of increasing traffic or potential customers to your business website. There are various techniques which can be used for the purpose of increasing traffic to your website. Each technique tries to make your website more relevant to search engines. The more relevant the information to the search engine spiders the higher your website would be placed. For the purpose of this article I will briefly go over how SEO works and how article marketing can help boost your business.

The internet allows us to have any type information at our finger tips. Whether this information is information on a product, or service or other matters of interest we can get to it easily if we know what we are looking for. When you type in the words which describe what it is that you are looking for, you are typing in 'keywords'. Keywords are the words which the search engine uses to bring you the information you are looking for. There are certain keywords which millions of people enter into the internet when looking for information pertaining to their interest. Whether this is inquiries such as 'Hotels in Rome' or 'How to make pizza bases'. These phrases have been typed in many times by many people. One way of increasing traffic to your site is to have your website created with SEO in mind. And once this is done, to market your product with article marketing.


Article writing is the submission of articles which are rich in keywords, to article directories. These article directories are free and there are many on the internet. You can place your article on as many article directories as you want. Search engines adore article directories because it is packed with informative information and not just advertisements. Now I know this might sound paradoxical because you are wanting to advertise your product yet SEO articles are written in a certain way which is not blatant advertising.

Articles are usually between 350-500 words, and must have useful information in them . Avoid at all costs writing an article which is just packed with keywords but offer no value to the reader. Search engine optimization with regards to article writing is done best when the information is informative, short and with a good balance of keywords.

You might be wondering how to promote your business if you do not speak about it in your article? Well at the end of the article you are given a resource box, in which you can write a line or two about your business as well as have a link back to your website. Search engine optimisation is a must when wanting to increase traffic to your site.

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