Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Secret to Success practice it Now

By: Don OConnell

Imitating successful people, is one secret to success. Be aware, though, if you ask them for help. Regularly, people don't really understand why they succeed, but they will give you as many theories, as you want, anyhow. One evening on the news, I saw a 100-year-old man, saying that, smoking a large cigar, daily, was one of the secrets, of his long life. It maybe useful, to understand why he has lived so long, but I'm quite certain, we won't know, by asking him.

Secret To Success - Study Successful People

One secret, then, isn't in doing, what successful people say, but rather doing, what they do. This is how to understand success. Of course, you have to focus well and implement, a little mind power, to realize, what they are actually doing, that is giving them success.

A successful real estate developer, once told me, that he didn't believe in making goals. Nevertheless, observing him and listening to him, I started to realize, that he knew just where, he wanted to be, with his projects in one year. This, is obviously, goal-setting, he just called the method, something different.

Never stop listening to what successful people, are saying, but pay attention, to all details. Listen for insight, into how they think about things, how they go about, their goals. Suppose the tip of a successful basketball player, is just to train more, but he casually suggests, "I saw that going in," after a great shot. Isn't it time to begin, visualizing your shots going in?

Secret To Success - Copy Successful People

You won't always understand, what is making a person, successful. Internet marketers, promote their websites, by exchanging links, but when I first tried to exchange links with other websites, the owners didn't reply, to my emails. Then I discovered, a simple email letter, used by a successful internet marketer, to get me, more back links. It sounded stupid to me, and I wanted to edit it, but I tried it anyhow. It worked regularly.

It is crucial, to do the right things, than to know, why they are right. To also understand is great, but at the beginning, it might be best, to just copy many of the actions, attitudes and approaches, of somebody, who is successful. Try to copy success, even before you understand it.

As you gain more knowledge, you can drop those parts, that aren't working, and add parts, of your own. If you copy a successful parent, for example, and life with your kids, improves, does it matter if you know, in the beginning, which changes were the most productive? Obviously, not.

Is it better to know why, what you are doing, is working? Surely, but you may not ever know, why some things work, and this is, all right, too. It is better to have success, than to explain it, so seek successful people and do what they do, not what they say. It is a vital secret, to success.

Be more Aware, to Stare Success, in the Face!

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