Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Organizational Skills – Important Tips

Getting organized is the key factor in successful business or even in any capacity you may be anywhere. The more organized one is, the more balanced approach one would have towards the business of life. Herein under are some tips that would help you in getting organized for the day:
  • Keep a Day Planner: To start with, keep and maintain a day planner. This should become your nature to write down everything you have to do in your planner. Don’t rely on your memory, even if it works well 500%. Because no human has a memory that works well all the time. One tends to fore get. So even if there is a .00000------1 percent chance of skipping an important thing, why take that chance? So whatever it is, whether important or not, write it the minute it occurs to you and before packing up, have a review of it so that even if something is missed out, it is put in its place. Your wife wont kill you if you are a few minutes late.
  • Keep a Contingency Plan Ready: Everything doesn’t go as planned always. So keep a contingency plan up your sleeve for such eventuality. You shouldn’t find your self hit against the wall ever with no way out. Work out detailed plans, with a room for contingencies. There would always be chances for reversals or taken by surprise or off guard. What to do then if you haven’t prepared yourself in advance? Plan for the worst scenario, while hoping for the best. If worst happens, you should have your cards ready.
  • Listing always comes handy:  The wise say lists are your friends. So make list of everything that you want to or have to day. If you have plan, make lists of your goalposts – from immediate to mid and long term. Make lists of personal activities, family commitments and even a list for your grocery. Everything adequately catered for.
  • Don’t Procrastinate: Delaying things or putting off things tomorrow or relegating things unnecessarily will never buy you time. Your plans should be such that you don’t have to lay off things for another time, another day. Tomorrow you will have other things to do, and who knows what tomorrow has in store for you. Many times it so happens that you plan to lay off a thing for tomorrow hoping it to be a rather easy day. But the same day can turn out to be so nasty that you won’t even know how to handle things.
  • Plan in “Full”: Make plans in all totality. Priorities things to be done immediately, while not overlooking activities that have to go concurrently. Have all the resources made ready in advance of an event. And above all know what time is available to you. Time constraints sometimes collapse even the best made plans.
  • Don’t let Time make you its Hostage: As said before, time miscalculation or constraint can let a well planned project crumble, so let not time take you a s hostage. Know how to estimate time correctly for each segment of the plan. Keep some extra time for unseen as well.


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