Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Successful Managers – What Do they Do?

Everyone has a desire to excel and be successful. But the way up to the hill is rather a difficult climb, replete with stumbling stone, overcast weather, vanishing trails and shortness of breath. Only those who know how to climb a mountain can finally reach the summit. Remember, no one can run up to the summit – it has to be done very slowly as an faster pace would leave you out of breath and you will tire out even before taking the start. So learn to be successful slowly and gradually – there are no shortcuts.

Successful people are in simple words very productive. They are smart, focused, productive, attentive and dedicated. For their positive attitude, they are liked, paid handsomely and promoted at a faster pace than the rest. They are generally the people with an aura of charisma which attracts colleagues, workers, co-workers or even their seniors to be attracted to them and listened to. When it comes to clients, the clients prefer them over dull, slow moving, unimpressive sellers, devoid of energy and drive. They are the people who have the ability to lead rather than manage, which is what is required of successful men – taking the sinking boat of the storm and not letting an iceberg hit the Titanic.

Now, while not everyone can be successful, YOU can be. How? It is very easy. Follow some of the following steps and put your feet on the first ladder of success:-

  • Learn – Learn your job, be master of what you are technically or literary. Unless you know you are master of what you should know, you cannot start. So be proficient of what you know and if you think something is missing, don’t hesitate to ask. The more you know, the less stress you would have and would take less time to grasp a given situation and come out with a solution.
  • Manage your time – don’t get yourself into wasting time by scratching your head or reading tons of reference books to find a solution to a problem. Be quick to solve a problem rather than lingering on and wasting not only yours, but others time as well, wasting resources and causing distaste. So if you have been able to manage your time well, you will feel more confident, and have greater sense of achievement and accomplishment.
  • Select someone as you role model – that someone should be someone who is what people call a successful man. Learn what, how and why he does and analyze each step he takes and draw pertinent conclusions for yourself. You don’t necessarily be copying him as it would not suit your personality but still you can learn and eradicate your weakness and strengthen your strong areas.
  • Take timely and decisive decisions – This is the most important thing that elevates someone over the others. And that is what others notice and prefer. While making decisions, be very clear what is that you want to accomplish and how. The clarity of your decisions will make your co-workers understand clearly your mindset and will find easier to follow you. Committing to your decision and taking action on it is one of the most important qualities towards being successful. Those who are vague in their approach, have cold feet while taking decisions are generally time wasters and inefficient. Gain mastery over methods and techniques of Time Management – since this coupled with sound decisions will see you through to the ladders leading to success.
And as you move up the ladder, you will feel your self-esteem rising too, making you more confident, productive, focused and successful. And this what successful people are all about. 

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If I were asked, I would add the following:

Be a role model themselves
Listen to others
Act as per justice and total truth

In my opinion, these traits will make them leader more than the managers. No?

And one more thing. No 'stick or and carrot please.

OK - no more of them. But don't you agree this is the most widely tool around the world?

I agree that stick or carrot or both are widely used by managers and 'seths.' And that is what makes them bad managers.

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