Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Do you know What is 'Contextual Marketing?'

Use of internet and digital devices has become a centre point in business - specially for marketing. Unless managers at sales and market departments are laced with apps and aids available to boost their business and bring business to their organizations, they will always be lagging behind than others.

There are many aids available online - and one of these is Contextual Marketing!!

Todd Wasserman at Mashable contends that there's always a context to your marketing, just like there's a context to every action. You could argue that you're a proponent of contextual walking if you can explain the reasoning and circumstances around your perambulations. Contextual eating, meanwhile, occurs whenever you can furnish information about the setting and thoughts that went behind each bite.

David Jacobs, consumer protection counsel for the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a watchdog group, says:
"I believe contextual marketing refers to advertising that's designed to align with the media property in which it appears. For example, if you're browsing Auto Trend then you'll see ads for cars and motor oil. If you're watching Bridezillas then you might see ads for feminine products. And so on.

What do you think? Think more about Contextual Marketing and see how can it benefit your business!!

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