Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Mercedes S350 Diesel - Possibly the Perfect Car (Especially For A Banker)

For decades, the Mercedes S-Class has been the standard by which all other luxury cars are judged.

Mercedes S350 Diesel
The S-Class has always been a technical wunderkind; a test-bed for the latest and greatest automotive technology that Mercedes has to offer.
The current model has everything from massaging seats to lane departure warnings and voice commands to a night vision camera. Yes, you read that right, the car has a night vision camera.
This generation of S-Class is due to be replaced for the 2014 model year. But thankfully, Mercedes finally brought the best version of the car to America.

The S350 BlueTEC is the first diesel fueled S-Class to be offered in the USA in ages. We think it is absolutely magnificent. This is easily the most expensive car we have had the privilege of parking in the BI Garage. And if you need to take a client to dinner, drive the kids to boarding school, or want to be a chauffeur in your spare time, there is nothing better.
Read more: Business Insider


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