Friday, March 9, 2012

Are you being paid well?

Employers and employees never seem to be at ease with each other. While organizations make fortunes due to hard work put in by the employees, the employers still want them to do more, and more and still more so employers could buy new coffers to stuff in the profits.

On the other hand, the employees lament of long work hours, lesser facilities, non-stop work hours and absence of good words from their employers for earning profits for them. 

it seems no one is happy - perhaps the do more notion has crept into everyone's mindset so hard that no matter how much hard work is put in by the workers, it fails to satisfy the employers.

However trends are changing for good. As per the survey below carried out by, a postive trend seems to be setting in and employers seem to be realising the plight of their workers and may provide them relief. As per the survey carried out, almost all employers seemed to be willing to provide compensation and relief to their employees.

If we go by the survey below, we see 2012 as a welcome year for the employees and a true gift to them by their employers:

Infographic shared from Mashable


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