Monday, September 6, 2010

Managers should be Effective not just look Busy

Some people are of the view that “look busy do nothing” approach is best for one’s career. Yes it is good for those uninspiring, unwilling and status quo managers who get the managements wrath everyday till the get fired one day. But those who see a future for themselves in their job, d it otherwise. They prefer to be effective. Being effective means working more not for the sake of looking busy but working to be productive. Adding to the organization they work for every minute and second they are in. This is the work style of the most successful managers around the world.

Those who look busy can be identified instantly. Their tables full of files, untidy office layout and a very tired facemask. They would complain of lack of time and would envy those who have nothing on their tables and yet are liked by the bosses. Sometime back I read “guidelines for successful managers” which included piles of files on the table to impress the management of the pains they are taking, open collars with a loosened necktie, ashtray full of cigarette buds and the wastepaper will of crumpled papers. This could impress the management of olden times when looking busy meant efficiency. But such outlook today is taken as a negative impression as anyone who cannot clear up one’s office work in time and clear off files, is taken to be inefficient and a mis-manager. Such managers must learn emerging skills and techniques for being effective. One cannot continue to repeat the same lessons one learnt years ago in today’s corporate environment and yet expecting same results of yester years.

One must carryout one’s self appraisal at the end of each day or when achieving or missing a goalpost. Questions like "Would the things am I doing right now take me to my goalposts " should be frequently self addressed. And if the answer comes as a big NO, then it is time for changing one’s work methodology. Remember, those who are efficient and effective are the people who have the ability and will to reshape their work strategy. You can do it too, provided your self-appraisal is not to please you but to hit you so hard that you feel the pinch and take an aspirin to subside the pain. I hope you get what I mean.

And one last thing: things don't change unless you change things. So start changing things from now on. That is the only way to be effective, efficient and successful.


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