Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rules of Motivation

By now we all understand what is motivation and what does it do when unleashed in its right perspective. People go crazy when fully charged and motivated to do wonders. But motivation is a very delicate game – it has to played strictly according to the rules. If rules are not followed, an otherwise good audience or team can crumble or fails to produce the desired results. And like any other field game, the push and the momentum has to be maintained right from the start till the very end. And if the players (in this case the team or the workers) run out of their steam too early, the goals set forth will be far from achieved or realized. So what to do? Follow rules, simply. This is how.
  • Set Goals: First and foremast is the goal setting. But that is not all. Many people set goals with lot of enthusiasm and determination. But soon after when the going gets tough, they lose the track. So it is very important to keep the goals in front and fight to realize those at all costs.
  • Play till the End: A player, who throws in the towel right in the middle of the game, is never remembered because that shows lack of determination, strength and motivation. A game when started has to be played till its very logical end. Likewise, a half finished project is of no use to anyone. Develop the habit of finishing self-motivated projects.
  • Learn to “Learn”: Success lies in learning new tactics, techniques and strategies everyday. Those leaning on others shoulder never learn in their life. Therefore, self education must form part of one’s life. Learning and knowledge provide one firmer feet on ground and the art of standing tall above others.

  • Mutual Support: No one is ever able to do all things all by oneself. One has to have mutual support from others of the same field. Those playing football, must have friends that play football or have interest in the game so that once can discuss matters easily and productively. Likewise a manager dealing with mobile phones should have a company in the similar field rather than relying on the shoulder of friends dealing in ladies garments.
  • Those who Dare, Win: Always remember, daring makes people win. Defensive attitudes are good when one doesn’t want personal elevation nor company’s progress. Status quo managers get lost in the very competitive world around them. Even if one fails while taking risks, one should re-group and recoil by learning one’s mistakes. Remember Tamerlane, the last great nomad king, who learnt from a falling ant in cave when defeated. The ant taught him never to accept defeat and keep trying. And this he did and won. Look around  – you will find numerous examples of successful people, who lost, fell, get trampled but still continued trying to rise. And rise they did and prevailed.
These rules are just rules – till transformed into action strategy and learnt like rules of war where only those survive and win who dare…


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