Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 - Where Do I Start?

So everyone is talking of 2010 and how to spell it. 20-10 like 19-99 or Two Thousand and Ten? Well do whatever pleases you – but ensure you take a good start from January 1, 20-10 or 2010 or whatever to be a successful manager, colleague and a senior. But the good question is “Where do I start from?”

Well for starters, I have already suggested clearing of the desktop in my previous blog. While doing it, there are many things that should be running through your mind. And from the jumbled thoughts, you have to find an opening string to start over. Difficult?

Let me help you. First you got to decide that that you will a firm resolve to change things for good and would still find time for your family and leisure. Because unless you have peace at home, your stay in office would be more miserable (nothing to do with “Les Miserables”).

OK start. But from where? That’s a million dollar question (though I asked but no one is going to give me those many dollars – anyway). Wise say start from anywhere – but one thing at a time. One cannot reach top of the ladder at once (unless you know how to pole vault) – but success cannot be achieved by pole vaulting as each step of the ladder has to be scaled slowly and gradually. Those who make short cuts, generally find them hit against the wall. So better would be to sit back on a reclining chair (sit on any comfortable chair if you don’t have that funny looking chair) and have a run down of your successes and failures. Keep the successes aside for a while and concentrate over the failures. Were you able to learn anything out of those? Did you realize what went wrong and how? Well if you did realize, ensure you don’t go the wrong way again.

Now for successes. Do you think it was ll through your hard work or events made it possible? Well if it was events alone, you have to score them into failures – but if they were because of a combination of events and your hard work, you had made real progress and need to remember that no person all by oneself can achieve anything. One needs to have good colleagues, friends, and environment and of course a firm resolve, only then success comes into one’s way.

Now having analyzed one’s plus and negative points, one should be able to gauge one’s caliber that would help in working out a response in the coming days. The next thing is identifying goalposts and then breaking these down in small benchmarks, that can be easily achievable in a given timeframe. The goals must be written down and if one is expert in PERT (Programme Evaluation and Review Technique), it would make matters more simple. And I believe, managers should equip themselves with such tools that help them breaking down events and then executing various tasks simultaneously.

Once you have identified the goals (and written them down), then you look at the time at your disposal, people who are to assist you and your own knowledge to solve problems that come your way. If you think there things you don’t know or not proficient at, do talk to someone who does and seek help. Here comes PERT to help you plan your activities with the resources and time at your disposal. Go over the various connections and steps you have outlined and there you are. Ready to take off. And you would find that you would be able to pilot your entire strategy very smoothly, easily and confidently.

PS: If you want rest, do listen to Andy William’s “Where do I begin” (his famous song “Love Story” from the film “Love Story”)


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