Sunday, March 25, 2012

Don't kill yourself everyday: Leave some free time in your work day

If you talk to some experienced hand or a mentor of your about success in life, the reply will be to devote every bit and second of your life in the office to be devoted to the office work. Or in other words, the advice means that one's office schedule be so tied up that not a single second is to be wasted away.

But would this startegy leads to smartwork, efficency, optimum out or does it leads to heartburns, frustrations and stress?

But does working with throttles on at supercharge speed on a road with no curves, road bumps or traffic lights leave one with one's office work fully accomplished or finished. Try it one day and you will find that such a strtaegy would soon drain you out of all your energies, making you stressful when finding that even this strtaegy still leaves a lot of things unfinished on your office table.

Even if one is working optimally but with every thing tied to each other, packed in tight schedule would have its bugs - an uncalled meeting or a an invited customer with lots of complaints may distrub your entire thought process and in turn the tightly packed, though nicely planned, work schedule.

Well many, as compared to the old hands, believe that one must leave some free time in one's busy and hectice schedule of work for free air - for it relieves stress, crampness and gives air to new and refreshing ideas that may help one in reshaping one's startegies or modus aperindi for achieving optimum output.

Therefore, may managers now suggest to have aflex time emodied in your work schedule, which muct cater for the unforeseen and unplanned activities. 

I remember oonce I planned on a very tightly planned schedule to prepare and deliver a very important assignment. I had even planned on to finish the last part just an hour before the assignmen subission as at that time the boss was scheduled to meet some other gues, allowing me my 'one hour' to fisnish he assignment. But to my horror, when I came to the office next day, I fould that the meet of the boss has been cancelled and I was to present the assignment one hour in advance. 

This is what happens when there isn flex time is intentionally left out to just sit and relax before the commencement of a meeting or a seminar or presentation.

Likewise, a meeting may prolong longer than scheduled, which may be infringing on an activity that you had planned on. Such tight scheduling thus disrupt everything - form finishing the work in time . So always plan on time bonuses - time you can make up for important things and relegating the unimportant things later.

By carefully planning your events with adequate flex time catered for, not only you wll be able to finish most of your planned things, but may also find 'additional time' to finish the previously left out unimportant tasks with lesser hassle and with a high sense of achievement and no heart burns or undeue stress involved.

Such flex-time scheduling would make you more happier, less stressful and more productive. It will also afford you time to give plenty stress-free time to your family and kids without anything botehring your mind or haunting to be taken care of right first thing next moring.


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