Saturday, December 10, 2011

IT Leaders' Survival Guide For 2012

"Before I make my 2012 predictions and offer sage advice, let me preface it all with a bit of personal philosophy and observation. It's my belief that trends in IT and business never ever happen as abruptly as most folks in my business would like, or predict,"says Art Wittmann.

Wittmann further adds:
"When we talk about transformative and disruptive technologies, a very disruptive technology might displace another during the span of a decade or so. Think about VCRs and video tape, and the move to CDs and DVDs, and the subsequent move to streaming media. When investments are large as they are in this example, it's not unusual to see three or more generations of technology still being actively used."
So if you want to boost your social networking and professional appeal to recruiters and potential employers, herein under are FIVE MUST DO's for the IT leaders to survive in 2012:

  1. Embrace a world beyond Microsoft and Intel
  2. Put mobility in perspective
  3. Get serious about data oriented security
  4. Practice vicious standardization in the data center
  5. Make IT managers spend 10% of time with internal and external customers
For details on each above, read full story HERE.

[ via Information Week / Global CIOBy Art Wittmann


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