Friday, November 18, 2011

Office Anger Management

Awhile ago, I wrote a post "Are you really angry," as part of Anger Management. The work pressure in growing competitive corporate environment, chasing targets, and increasing expectations makes many a managers and executives lose grip over their emotional state. 

This leaves them fuming, when they just cannot say no to their superiors while their subordinates fail to keep timely deliveries.

But despite fuming and yelling, nothing seems to work as goal posts still have to be met, NO MATTER WHAT. Under such trying times, the question is How can one remain calm. 

Well theoretically there are many solutions and answers - practically may be very less as anger management differs from person to person, the office environment, behavior and attitude of colleagues, subordinates and even superior management and many other aspects. 

I came across one such attempt on WHAT TO DO today and thought of sharing it - may be it helps. Follow the link - it may have an answer for your fuming.


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