Monday, August 16, 2010

Are you done up by 10?

The right approach to one’s work is always very important. And it is this approach that makes or breaks the office monotony and one’s ability to work or otherwise. It is often seen that no sooner a man enters his office and sees the piles of files on his desk, he almost faints. And one has to start one’s office with this attitude; rest assured his day is done for.

So what is the best approach to better office work? It is very simple. Do not leave a single file undone on your table before leaving for your house after the clock clicks five in the evening. Those who finish their work in time, always start afresh the next day. Now that is a hard thing to do, isn’t it? Well not really. If one is smart, decisive and competent, it is not difficult at all. But for those incompetent and indecisive, it is a tall order.

The files continue to pile up because of our indecisiveness. We cannot take small decisions as each file requires a decision from us. Ignorance of company policies, the management’s mindset, the market trends and challenges and of course own incompetence leads to piling up. Emily Bronte, the famous English writer (author of the famous novel Wuthering Heights) and the poet remarks, “A person who has not done one half his day's work by ten o'clock, runs a chance of leaving the other half undone.” And how so very true. And remember that Miss Emily died at the age of only 30, so you can well imagine her intelligence and mental acumen that made her one of the best of her times. One has other commitments, uncalled visitors, hurriedly called conferences or meetings. All such things happen usually around or just before or after the noon. So if one has cleared of his desk, he is likely to attend to the unforeseen.

And for sure his desk will be half left, if at alone has started well, if one hasn’t finished half of the rubble on the desk by ten. Because after that the unforeseen would start bugging in, diverting attention and finally leaving one so confused and worked up that he has to leave the files on the desk unfinished or maybe half finished to attend to callers, visitors or the boss.

So from now, if you want to be successful, attend to your files right first thing in the morning – and believe me no monster is hidden inside that would scare you away. Finish up by ten or eleven and then get ready for the challenges of the corporate world. If one has no worries of the unfinished work, one would not feel worked up, jittery and preoccupied with what is left or half left when it comes to dealing with others. Be decisive, and take decisions. Remember all decisions cannot be right or perfect. So don’t delay things waiting for the right decisions – and clean up.


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