Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Employees' Motivation

Being a manager or in charge of an outfit has never been easy. Besides the valued customers, one has to look after the equally valued employees who work in the background to make your business thrive. Employees are just like a battery of mechanics and engine operators down the deepest compartment of the ship who keep the ship moving. And when the ship hits an iceberg, they are the first one to be hit by the gushing water and die before someone up there realizes the gravity of the situation (just recall the time when Titanic hit the iceberg and you will appreciate the miseries of the men who made the ship run at full throttle for the personal glory of the owner, but died unsung and no one came to their rescue).

But those who do not forget their employees in the trying times and keep their interests supreme, are the ones who are liked, loved and adored by their workers. How could you be one like that? Read on..

Remember never to hold back your hand for a fillip on the shoulder of an employee who has done well. This small gesture alone can make wonders and cheer the worker. And do it publically so that others also watch and know that “this man” is different.

Effective communication is being considered as one of the best tools to remain close to the hearts of your subordinates and employees. While the top management is busy in making deals and keeping the company afloat, the workers at the first step of the ladder down there are ignorant of their contribution to the success of your deals. Take a time out of your otherwise busy schedule and brief them what is being at the top and how important they are in the overall game plan. This will give the confidence in you, raise their morale and give them the boost needed to achieve your goals. The communication also provides you with an insight into their problems and job prospects. Do look into these and press upon the top management to keep the employees satisfied.

Job security has always been the main concern of the employees. Any upheavals in the business send down negative signals of distress and uncertainties. While the employees put in their best, any bad decision at the management level should become a cue for firing and laying off the work force. Rather make alternative plans to absorb the surplus hands who have all along brought you dividends and profits. A secure worker is more productive rather than an uncertain one.

New techniques are being evolved everyday to address the corporate issues. While the old hands have mastered their skills over a period of time, they need to be introduced to new and innovative ways to increase productivity. Organize specialists’ workshops to keep them updated. I have done this myself and have achieved tremendous results by simply running a number of awareness and skill improving prgrammes and workshops. Needless to mention, this gives confidence to the employees in you and would regard you as someone who cares for them.

I started off with a fillip – but that is only an gestural appreciation. Employees have many mouths to feed back home and they just cannot pass back the fillip to their wives for running the house in a low pay. Monetize your gestures too often when you make gains. Announce special awards for those who worked more, so that others know the value of hard work. But remember, monetization should be undertaken with a stick and carrot technique. It will have its adverse effects. Though under certain circumstances, stick and carrot strategy may have to be resorted to as well.


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